Hello Friends. Diana here.I’d like to introduce myself. I’m President of the Burial and Benevolent Society and we have a great team, here, to serve. Our team is there for you at what could arguably be, one of the worst times in your life. We can’t make everything magically better, but we strive to be there With you to help and support you. We are also there for you if things get stressful in other ways.We work together, if required, with Community Care and Outreach to ensure all our members are looked after with complete discretion. But we can’t do anything if we don’t know. So feel free to call Diana (09) 846 4783 office hours please; Or 021 217 0963 any time.   Lita (09) 832 3453 or TEXT only 021 297 9462.   We wish you well and Long Life.

Auckland Jewish Burial and Benevolent Society

Recently there have been requests to clarify the services provided by the Auckland Jewish Burial and Benevolent Society. In response to those requests, we set out below some of the services we provide.

In the event of a death in your family, please telephone Diana Hoskyn (021 217 0963)

Services to families after death

– initial and follow-up contact with the family;
– funeral and burial arrangements;
– taharah, including shrouds and gowns;
– offer shomer to accompany the deceased between death and the burial (where possible);
– provide food after the funeral, if requested
– provide a shiva candle
– after the funeral, the name of the deceased is put on the Synagogue Yahrzeit and Yizkor lists; and
– stone setting arrangements.The cost of the undertaker, coffin, plot and headstone are additional to the services provided by your membership.

Insurance can be obtained through any member of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand towards funeral expenses.

Membership of the Auckland Jewish Burial & Benevolent Society is separate from Beth Shalom fees, and not covered by the Synagogue. Subscriptions are: $50 family membership and $40 single membership.

Services to the community

– provide for the sale of Yahrzeit candles;

– ensure cemetery area is maintained

– maintain a Yahrzeit list; and

– provide assistance from the Benevolent Fund for people in need.

Membership of the Auckland Jewish Burial and Benevolent Society is open to members of Beth Shalom and people nominated by a Board member, and agreed to by our Committee.

If you have any other queries, please ask the office for a copy of our booklet “A Guide to Jewish Funeral and Mourning Customs”.

Email: [email protected]

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